Augmented Reality at War

POSTED BY   Michele Baker
14th August 2014

Here at the DMB we love all things Augmented Reality and new developments in this area get us pretty excited. Particularly,AR as AR technology is now being aimed at keeping soldiers and military service members safer on the battlefield.

This ARC4 virtual reality technology, designed by a research and engineering company, will give the user ability to see the real world and the virtual world simultaneously. Like a lot of other software of this kind, the digital world is overlaid onto the real world environment to enhance the visual experience.

Using ARC4, soldiers will be able to view a virtual command centre with icons that track their fellow soldiers as they navigate and move around. For example, if a soldier were behind a hill or hidden from view they would be seen through the glass and identified as an icon, so teammates would know they were there. This aims to enhance team co-ordination of actions.

This device, attached to the helmet, also has a switch that allows users to send messages and warnings to the rest of their team. This could be a vital tool in combat situations and save lives. The purpose of ARC4 is to keep soldiers looking forward and into the danger zones, instead of staring down at a smartphone. Thus, navigation should be much easier and importantly it will be hands-free for soldiers with this technology

ARC4 is not only being considered for soldiers in battle, but also for other emergency situations a bit closer to home. For example, it could be used by the police and fire service to enhance rescue operations and improve cross-communications.

This is yet another impressive AR development and could be available within just a year. Again, we’re blown away!

Augmented Reality at War

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