Read All About It: Augmented Reality in Publishing

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8th February 2017
Read All About It: Augmented Reality in Publishing

Our social media specialist David Dhannoo this week looks augmented reality in publishing, and how this form of disruptive tech has the power to change the industry, using one of his favourite magazines as a case study.


Read All About It: Augmented Reality in Publishing

As we all know, back in the day print media was the dominant force when it came to retrieving information. In the 21st century, the way we obtain information has drastically evolved as content creators are shifting away from print and moving more towards digital platforms.

Read All About It: Augmented Reality in Publishing

A huge question that remains is whether print die due to the digital revolution. For now at least, it looks like it will stay, but the way we send and receive information will continually develop.

Augmented reality plays an essential part in the transition from print to digital. This due to the fact that there is a growing number of the latest smartphones and tablets, plus a tendency towards the creation of crossmedia systems, while the same content migrates across different technological platforms.

The evolving world of digital therefore makes AR a perfect tool for the publishing industry to adopt.

Augmented Reality In Publishing Comes to Print

The latest edition of Design Exchange has a human head in digital form on the front cover, which was created with 3D character software MakeHuman.

In order to see the human head change its various facial expressions, readers have to download the app (unfortunately only for iOS users).

The guy behind the AR front cover for Design Exchange, Mike Pelletier, mentioned in the magazine that idea behind the cover was to look at human emotions as a set of parameters. Like the majority of Pelletier’s work (see below) he uses a robotic style that encompasses an uncanny view of the way humans show emotions through the use of data:

Huge Applications of Augmented Reality in Publishing

From looking at the Design Exchange example, the applications of AR in publishing seem almost limitless. The technology provides added value, at both cultural and commercial levels, corresponding to a move towards new, previously unexplored, market opportunities.

Thanks to next-gen mobile devices being adopted by the masses, AR has been able to amplify its presence and help it break into the mainstream. Design Exchange’s front cover could be one day the norm, as we begin to see our favourite magazines come to life straight from the magazine rack. The future of publishing looks very exciting!

Augmented Reality in Publishing: What are your thoughts?

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Read All About It: Augmented Reality in Publishing

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