The Lionel Messi Themed Augmented Reality Amusement Park

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8th June 2017
The Lionel Messi Themed Augmented Reality Amusement Park | TDMB Tech

The Lionel Messi Themed Augmented Reality Amusement Park

I love football, and I love augmented reality. Usually, however, I only get to write about the latter for my TDMB blogs. So, when I found this news that brings these two interests together just in time for my weekly article, I was thrilled!  

The Lionel Messi Themed Augmented Reality Amusement Park | TDMB Tech


When you’re a world-famous football player, it’s often the case that you might get a sponsorship deal or you might become a model for a fashion brand. Well, new augmented reality technology is taking the ‘footballer brand’ to the next level.

Messi, it seems, has become not just an iconic part of football history, but he is also the first football player to have an actual amusement park dedicated to him and the Barcelona football team!

The Chinese are well known for their wild purchases when it comes to European footballers, but a group consortium of Chinese firms have decided to take a step in a new direction. It is this consortium that is responsible for opening up a brand new amusement park themed on Barcelona and the Argentina star Lionel Messi.

Sounds awesome if you’re a Messi or Barcelona fan… Neymar and Suarez must be pissed!

The entire Experience Park has more than 20 attractions; it’s a huge open space covering more than 80,000 square metres in Nanjing, China. It’s going to be massive;  46,000 square metres of indoor facilities and that’s not taking into the account any of the outside space. Kids are going to absolutely love this place!

It will open in 2019 and it is being designed to showcase the benefits of virtual and augmented reality technologies. Imagine being able to practice your kick ups with a virtual Messi, teaching you his tactics and other football training sessions.

There’s also entertainment and displays of Messi’s performances throughout his career. Is it just me or does it sound like a bit like a museum as well?

There’s not much in the news about the upcoming park and Messi hasn’t gone out of his way to promote it, although he did say that he hopes the attraction would lead to more children taking up football as a hobby. Messi goes on to say:

“Hopefully, they will feel that I am around when visiting the park and I hope to provide them with the experience they never had before and to inspire them to pick up the sport early on”

I am sure this will be the case, as with VR and AR kids will be able to engage with their heroes on a whole new level. That’s the benefit of AR and VR: it opens up the digital world, allowing a user to see what they want to see.  

Let me know your thoughts and if you would go. I think I would as I know that this type of virtual and augmented reality experience will have a big part to play for future generations.



The Lionel Messi Themed Augmented Reality Amusement Park

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