10 Digital Marketing Stats To Keep You ‘In The Know’

POSTED BY   Michele Baker
22nd January 2014

Here are the 10 top stats to keep you updated about recent successes and marketing developments and toTop 10 prepare you for what to expect in the new year. 2014 could be a fascinating year….

1.    Real-time bidding for publishers

Many publishers are now using data to improve advertising effectiveness. There has been a huge increase (since 2011) in number of publishers using ad exchanges, data management platforms (DMP) and supply-side platforms (SSP) for inventory selling.

2.    Repellent brands

Data taken from the e-mail app Unroll.me shows the brands that were most commonly unsubscribed from in 2013. 1800 Flowers had a 52% rate of unsubscribes, Ticketweb had 47.5% and Pro Flowers 45.1%. Click for the full list.

3.    Apple’s Downfall

Apple is losing some of its market share in some of its most major markets including the US. Sept-Nov 2013 Apple had 43.1%, 35% and 30.6% in the US, Australia and the UK respectively. The year before these figures were at 53%, 35.5% and 36.1%.

4.    Social Network Spreesocial networks

42% of adults in the US actively use 2 or more social networks. Facebook is still the favourite but many people are now branching out to experience the delights and variety of what other social networks have to offer.

5.    Tablet Takeover

On boxing day it was recorded that tablets accounted for 1/3 of spend and revenue from PCC. 37% used a tablet device to purchase their boxing day deals compared to 55% on a PC.

6.    Responsive Design Fail

A survey of marketers showed that 42% never use responsive design in e-mails. Only 41% of respondents claim they ‘always’ or ‘often’ create responsive landing pages. The fact that a lot of e-mails are now read on mobile devices was the response from many businesses.

7.    Marketing Barriers

Two main obstacles of effective and integrated marketing are organisational structure and company culture. These were the two factors found to offer the most contribution to successful marketing but can be hugely detrimental if not addressed properly.

8.    Top BlipsBlippar

The AR app Blippar has revealed that Argos gift guide was the best blip of 2013 with 891,191 interactions. JuicBurst’s bottles came second and Top of the Pops magazine interactive cover in third.

9.    Go Go Gadget

The binge on gadgets will continue as 1/3 of digital consumers claim they will keep spending on connected devices. 29% of 6000 respondents said they will upgrade their smartphone in the next 12 months.

10. Soaring Digital Ads

In the US digital ads reached an all time high of $10.69 billion in 2013. This is a 15% per year growth.

10 Digital Marketing Stats To Keep You ‘In The Know’

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