The Sunday AI Review: 2nd-8th October 2017

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8th October 2017
Sunday AI and ML Review | Michele Baker for TDMB Tech

Good morning, my little cyborgs!

Welcome, again, to the latest news from the world of artificial intelligence this week. 

Round this way, it’s been a slightly chaotic week, with everything from my car battery going flat to dealing with the bloodbath following a loved one’s post-op stitches splitting, and plenty of unexpected fun and games besides! Yay for me, and thank goodness for the weekend, wine, and winding down. So, put your feet up, relax, and enjoy the latest from your AI overlords…

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What’s in store this week?

We’ve got that old chestnut, AI bias, Google using AI to blast Apple and Samsung out of the water, people versus AI, more stuff about AI annihilating the human race, and what comes next after the AI hype of 2017?

Oh, and, before I forget, Google’s been murdering its competition this week, hasn’t it? I did a review of the new products announced this week, including the Pixel 2 and Xl, and all those other AI-powered bits and bobs.

Check it out:

Why The Google Pixel 2 And Brand New Google Products Are Making Me Pissed Off With All My Crappy Old Stuff


1. Forget Killer Robots—Bias Is the Real AI Danger (MIT Technology Review)

08.10.17 Mot Socially Shared Articles on AI

John Giannandrea, who leads AI at Google, is worried about intelligent systems learning human prejudices. He’s not wrong to worry. This issue of bias has been a major one that’s been in the spotlight a lot this year, and it’s a matter that, as we know, needs serious consideration.

2. Google is using its biggest advantage as a weapon to embarrass Apple (Business Insider UK)

No list of top articles on AI this week would be complete without the Google news. And this is a nice angle on it, exploring the idea that Google’s advanced artificial intelligence capability is, above all else, what positions the brand over and above what its (more sales successful) competitors have to offer.

3. Artificial intelligence is about the people, not the machines (TechCrunch)

We cannot have functioning artificial intelligence without human input. That’s inarguable at this stage, but will that change as AI becomes more advanced? John Mannes argues that no, humans will always be necessary. That’s just one point made in this somewhat complicated but ultimately brilliantly realised thought-piece.

4. Artificial intelligence: the end of the human race? (LinkedIn – Patrice Caine)

Here we go again. Except, rather than the usual content of a click-bait title like this, Patrice Caine offers a good, in-depth discussion of the issue.

5. AI hype has peaked so what’s next? (TechCrunch)

2017 has been a wonderful year for news and speculation on AI’s present and future. It’s been really enjoyable all round. Lots of catchy headlines, sensationalism, doom and gloom, overexcitement, and science fiction becoming science fact. But all the hype is starting to now dissipate and it’s time to look more critically about where we really are with AI, what is actually possible right now, and what is and isn’t likely to happen long term.

Best Articles on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


OK Google, Get Out of My Face (MIT Technology Review)

Siri, Why Have You Fallen Behind Other Digital Assistants? (Wired)

A Blueprint for Co-Existence With Artificial Intelligence (Wired)

Our Machines Now Have Knowledge We’ll Never Understand (Wired)

The Myth of a Superhuman AI (Wired)

How To Build A Self-Conscious Machine (Wired)

Okay, Maybe This Microsoft VR Thing Won’t Suck (Gizmodo)

Five New Machine Learning Tools To Make Your Software Intelligent (Forbes)

Netflix Uses Frame-by-Frame Machine Learning To Decide What You Really Want To Watch (MarketWatch)

UN: Artificial Intelligence Could Destabilize World Through Unemployment and War (Futurism)

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella says artificial intelligence could create more jobs, not just eliminate them (Recode)

How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Create More Human Experiences (SalesForce)

The Turing test is tired. It’s time for AI to move on (Huff Post)


Finished your morning coffee yet? Well, brew another one and line up those links. There’s some serious reading for you this morning! 

Have an excellent Sunday and a fantastic week ahead.

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The Sunday AI Review: 2nd-8th October 2017

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