The Sunday AI & ML Review: 20.08.17

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20th August 2017
Sunday AI and ML Review | Michele Baker for TDMB Tech

Happy Sunday my little cyborgs!

Welcome to this week’s Sunday AI Review!

I’m over my post-holiday blues from last week, having decided not to fall into a deep depression about my lack of billionaire status preventing me from spending my life drinking mojitos on a private beach. That said, I won’t say no if someone wants to make that a reality for me. Anyone?

This week, I turned 34. I’m quite happy about it, actually. Feels like a good age. Had a lovely birthday with my family, and spent last night partying in Brighton with my awesome friends.

And now, it’s Review time! So fasten your seatbelts, let’s get this show on the road…

Sunday AI and ML Review | Michele Baker for TDMB Tech



1. Elon Musk: AI ‘vastly more risky than North Korea’ (The Guardian)


 1. Elon Musk: AI ‘vastly more risky than North Korea’ (The Guardian)

Following his OpenAI bot’s triumph in defeating the world’s leading player of video game ‘Dota 2’, Musk wasted no time in reminding us what he thinks of AI for the one zillionth time.

If you’re wondering why Musk has these views but still backs the nonprofit artificial intelligence research firm, OpenAI, then let me fill you in. Through OpenAI, Musk seeks to promote ‘responsible’ AI use… like for playing video games and other stuff that probably won’t, you know, kill us.

See number five on this week’s list, below, for more about OpenAI and why this video game thing is more important than it seems.

Don’t Worry, we’ll never share details with anyone.


2. The Definitive Case That Elon Musk is Jon Snow For AI (Inverse)


In perhaps the deftest GoT comparison I’ve ever come across, everyone’s begun highlighting the similarities between Musk’s warnings about AI and Snow’s ones about White Walkers. Will either of them be listened to before it’s too late? Stay tuned…

2. The Definitive Case That Elon Musk is Jon Snow For AI (Inverse)



3. Do More! What Amazon Teaches Us About Robots and the “Jobless Future” (Tim O’Reilly on LinkedIn)


“I’ve had my fill of the idea that technology will inevitably take most human jobs, leaving little for us to do. The future is up to us,” says O’Reilly in this sharp and very convincing article.

This is, essentially, a call to arms for everybody to DO MORE, to stretch our imaginations, explore new horizons. Technology is allowing us untold new landscapes to venture into, and rather than quaking in our boots, we should be advancing boldly, embracing automation, and creating the future we want to see.

Amazon Workforce Figures


4. How A.I. Is Creating Building Blocks to Reshape Music and Art (New York Times)


Douglas Eck has long had a dream to build machines that could make their own music. And now, working at Google, his dream is finally being realised. Project Magenta is one of the very coolest things, in my opinion, coming out of Google right now.

“It’s about creating new ways for people to communicate,” explains Eck, whose work with Magenta has led to the creation of AI that can not only make music, but also sketch, create videos, write jokes, and – of course – do crazy things with Bob Ross episodes. 

I’m marking this article my Pick of the Week, simply to urge you to click through and read, because it’s magnificent.

Google Deepdream - Project Magenta



5. Teaching A.I. Systems to Behave Themselves (New York Times)


As our machine learning algorithms continue to teach themselves through hours of data analysis and trial and error, they sometimes take an unwelcome path. We need to steer them away from behaviours that could be harmful or unexpected to keep those AI on the right track.

As ML moves ever more into online services and our everyday lives, it’s critical that it is harnessed in a way that will prevent the worst from happening. This is what the team at OpenAI are doing.

Yes, this is the second mention of OpenAI this week, and it’s a good way to finish this week’s review as it takes us on a deeper journey into the OpenAI project. Explaining what the whole Dota 2 video game thing was all about, as well as everything else you would want to know about OpenAI, this is an absolute corker of a read.

If the article above wasn’t Pick of the Week, this one would definitely be it.



That’s it for this week, but I’ll be back again for your August Bank Holiday Special next Sunday. If you know anyone that you think might enjoy these ramblings in their inbox every weekend, then do point them in my direction. Always a pleasure to welcome new readers!

But until next week, I bid you farewell…

Live long and prosper.


The Sunday AI & ML Review: 20.08.17

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