The Sunday AI Review: 25th June 2017

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25th June 2017
Sunday AI and ML Review | Michele Baker for TDMB Tech


by Michele Baker

Happy Sunday my little cyborgs!


Welcome to the Sunday AI review this week.
So, here I am again. Saturday afternoon with a cup of tea, Abba playing on Spotify, and a nice peaceful weekend with Indie at her dad’s. Out to dinner with some old colleagues from my first job as an SEO Manager a few years back. Cannot wait to catch up with those guys. But for now, I’m nice and snug at my desk and not sweltering for the first time this week… what a relief!


Sunday AI and ML Review | Michele Baker for TDMB Tech


There’s some pretty cool articles coming through Buzzsumo’s top shared articles for the AI Review this week. Some weird ones, some interesting ones… but, as always, a pleasure to work your way through. Let’s get cracking…

top socially shared artificial intelligence and machine learning articles of the week



1. Rescue Center Uses AI To Name Their Guinea Pigs (IFL Science)


The top shared article this week is also my favourite, earning it the accolade of Pick of the Week! I like it so much because it is just so bloody weird.

The Sunday AI Review - Most Socially-Shared Articles This Week - 25.06.17

So, okay… um… where do I begin? After receiving a request from Portland Guinea Pig Rescue Centre, research scientist Janelle Shane set about a rather unusual task. She built a neural network designed for the sole purpose of – wait for it – generating guinea pig names. To be fair, some of the names the AI came up with were absolutely brilliant. But then there were some hilariously wrong ones: Fleshy, for instance. I’m actually dying. 😂
Neural network for naming guinea pigs probably best ever use of AI - via @TDMB_TechClick To Tweet


2. Google launches its AI-powered jobs search engine (TechCrunch)

And now for something completely different…
Google’s new jobs feature promises to make the gruelling process of job-hunting much easier. It allows users to simply enter a search term to browse jobs from job boards on major platforms including LinkedIn, Monster, Facebook, and CareerBuilder. Handy stuff, right?


3. In the AI Age, “Being Smart” Will Mean Something Completely Different (Harvard Business Review) – PAYWALL


For Krishna’s sake! I know paywalls are necessary for monetising some sites, but HBR, really? Well, if you’re a paid-up Harvard Business Review subscriber, then this sounds like it could be a good one. I like the opening sentence:
Andrew Ng has likened artificial intelligence (AI) to electricity in that it will be as transformative for us as electricity was for our ancestors.Click To Tweet


4. Facebook’s AI accidentally created its own language (The Next Web)

Covered this in last week’s review. And Jon went into more depth in his blog this week:

Machine Learning Chatbots Create Their Own Language | TDMB Tech



5. Here’s when robots will start beating humans at every task (Business Insider UK)

All hail the robo-overlords! This is pretty cool, if you find the prospect of becoming a useless meat machine appealing, that is. Here’s a nice chart to show you how long it’s going to take before you’re a redundant pauper:

Business Insider UK - When Robots Will Take People's Jobs


I know for a fact that there’s a laundry-folding robot already. I saw it on Facebook. I don’t think that involves AI – that’s robotics.


Best Articles on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

1. AI and machine learning will make everyone a musician (Wired)
2. Airbnb’s Biggest Weapon Against Hotels: Machine Learning (Inc.)
3. Machine Learning Is Helping Martech Lead the AI Revolution (Advertising Age)
4. Will Machine Learning and AI Mean the End of Marketers? (Crimtan)
5. Majority of Brits would use artificial intelligence, survey finds (Computer Weekly)
6. This Bizarre 1911 Film Warns of the Perils of Self-Driving Cars (Atlas Obscura)
7. When AI Can Transcribe Everything (The Atlantic)
8. Is The Concern Artificial Intelligence — Or Autonomy? (NPR)
9. Piers Morgan Sexually Harassed a Robot on Live TV (Inverse)
10. Alibaba Founder’s Theory on A.I. Causing WW III Has Historical Support (Inverse)


Finally: A Shiny New Section for the Sunday AI Review – Just For You!

As you may know, in addition to the AI review, at TDMB we keep a close eye on all aspects of technology throughout the week. Our awesome team pick their favourite piece of news from the week to cover, so I just wanted to give you an extra chance to go read these fine little diamonds of content. Here you go:


Is There A Way To Secure IoT Devices?Is There a Way to Secure IoT Devices? | TDMB Tech 

by Mark Grayson
“it is not just organisations that will be affected by vulnerable IoT devices. As they become more and more widespread people will integrate them into their homes, via their appliances or even alarm systems. For this reason alone, it is clear that we need to take security very seriously when it comes to the Internet of Things.”

Birds, Bees, and Seed-Bombing Drones | TDMB TechBirds, Bees and Seed-Bombing Drones

by James Dearsley
” I used to be a seed bomber. I know that is a huge admission but it is true. I used to, in the dead of night, go around my local areas, find gardens, hedgerows, or even public spaces, that needed brightening up, and throw a seed bomb (a mixture of wildflowers generally), into the soil.”


Cyborg Staff: Transhumanism in the Workplace | TDMB TechCyborg Staff: Transhumanism In The Workplace

by Amy Bennie
“A Swedish company is turning its staff into cyborgs, not for medical purposes, but to simply embrace transhumanism in the workplace, and demonstrate their dedication to the development of innovative technology.”


Machine Learning Chatbots Create Their Own Language | TDMB TechMachine Learning Chatbots Create Their Own Language

by Jon Wood
“Researchers at Facebook have found a buried line in their latest AI report. It seems that their chatbots are having conversations with one another, thus providing a fantastic glimpse into the future and, in particular, the future of language.”


Our Top AI Podcasts | TDMB TechTDMB Presents: Our Top AI Podcasts

by Michele Baker
“To satisfy your AI craving, and to offer you a new way to enjoy that daily commute, here’s the TDMB’s favourite AI podcasts for you to listen to at your leisure!”




That’s it for this week! See you again next Sunday for what news may come in the next seven days. Just for a bit of fun, I’ve started signing off my reviews with a line from a famous sci fi film. If you can guess what film it’s from and tweet it to me (@msmichelebaker) – I’ll retweet all your tweets for a week. Promise. And there’s a clue somewhere on this page… see if you can find it!
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The Sunday AI Review: 25th June 2017

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