The Sunday AI Review | 11-17th September 2017

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17th September 2017
Artificial Intelligence News This Week

Good morning, my little cyborgs!

Another Sunday has rolled around… and – my gosh – it’s been like lightning this week! It’s also been a busy week in the world of AI, particularly with the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, which has proved itself to be a heady concoction of various awesome new technologies, including augmented reality and facial recognition.

It’s the latter that brings me on to a quick query for which I’d love some crowdsourced answers… I’ve been chatting to The Economist about facial recognition this week and we’re wondering if you can add your knowledge to the discussion:

Who do you see as the major players in facial recognition at the moment (Apple aside); companies pushing the boundaries and doing incredible stuff? What are the coolest facial recognition developments you’ve seen? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

And now on to the part you’ve all been waiting for……


Michele Sunday AI and ML review - new 2017-11


This week, we’ve got:

Hackers weaponising AI, the iPhone X’s neural engine (of course), the AI pioneer who reckons we need to start again, what AI’s doing for business this year, and the AI arms race. I’m also going to hit you with a bit of South Park, what IBM’s up to with its quantum computer, the 2017 brain-computer interface trend, and a few more golden nuggets of AI wisdom from the week.



top socially shared artificial intelligence and machine learning articles of the week


1. Hackers Have Already Started to Weaponize Artificial Intelligence (Gizmodo)

by George Dvorsky


It’s not a total surprise to hear that artificial intelligence is proving to be an indispensable weapon for malicious hackers. That doesn’t stop it from being inherently troubling, though. This article comprises an informative discussion on the hacking/cybersecurity issue, but it is also a thoughtful consideration of what constitutes artificial intelligence, and other more philosophical aspects of what the technology means. This one comes highly recommended by me, at least.


2. The iPhone X’s new neural engine exemplifies Apple’s approach to AI (The Verge)


I’m rather surprised that iPhone news didn’t reach the top spot this week, considering the massive fanfare with which it has been received. The neural engine in the iPhone X, by the way, doesn’t make it particularly special (despite what Apple would have you believe). It’s part of the new wave of smartphones and certainly not the first. I’m on Team Android, so maybe I’m biased, but Apple does like to take credit for stuff it isn’t leading in, and overcharge everyone in the process.


iPhone 8 Features

Image via Simpsons Pictures That I’ve Gone and Done (Facebook)


3.  Artificial intelligence pioneer says we need to start over (Axios)

by Steve LeVine

Geoffrey Hinton, whose breakthrough method formed the way AI is built, says it may not be the best way to continue. His method of ‘back-propagation’ is not helpful to the unsupervised learning that we need to focus on to further AI development.


4. How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Business In 2017 (Forbes)

by Louis Columbus

Can I just take a moment to roll my eyes at the obvious SEO targeting of the title? OK. Done. I’m over it now.

Ahem. The Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management Review published a study this week into reshaping business using AI. There are tonnes of juicy stats and charts in this article, if you like that sort of thing.


5. China, Russia, and the US Are in An Artificial Intelligence Arms Race (Fusion)

by Karla Lant

This is a bit scary, isn’t it? Why does everything have to become a dick-waving championship – why can’t these men just work together?


Other favourites from the week…



The AI Chatbot Will Hire You Now - Wired


The 'South Park' premiere set off a lot of fans' Alexa and Google Home devices with hilarious phrases


Researchers Enable People to Compose Music With Only Their Brains - Inverse


Glowing Crystal Has the Quantum Internet Within Reach - Inverse


In the Era of ‘Prosthetic Intelligence,’ the Right to Remain Silent Is the Right To Encryption


The Brain Machine Interface Isn't Sci Fi Anymore - Wired


And that’s the best of the week!

Go enjoy a very happy and relaxing Sunday while it lasts… I’ll see you all again for more next week!

May the force be with you,


The Sunday AI Review | 11-17th September 2017
Article Name
The Sunday AI Review | 11-17th September 2017
Hackers weaponising AI, the iPhone X's neural engine, the AI pioneer who says we should start again, what AI's doing for business, and the AI arms race.
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The Sunday AI Review | 11-17th September 2017

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