The Sunday AI News Review: 9th July 2017

POSTED BY   Michele Baker
9th July 2017
Michele Sunday AI News Review

Happy Sunday, my little cyborgs!

It’s another beautiful morning and here I am writing again from sunny Brighton, feeling a little Sunday-morning-fragile. So, I am going to keep it short and sweet.

Right, let’s talk about the AI news this week.



1. AI Is Making It Incredibly Easy For Students To Cheat (Wired)


If I had had Wolfram Alpha when I was doing my GCSEs, I may not have had to resort to turning over my Maths paper and writing a poem on the back to fill the time. And I would therefore not have had to retake the exam in order to get that all-important pass. But now, in the digital age, kids everywhere need never bother using their brains again! After all, why bother when everything you need to know can be stored inside an AI?

2. Is IBM Watson A ‘Joke’? (Forbes)

This week, Founder and CEO of Social Capital, Chamath Palihapitiya, stepped to IBM Watson, dissing the machine learning megalith and calling it a ‘joke’. “Bitch, please,” IBM retorted. “You is talkin’ whack. My algorithm can out-algorithm your algorithm any day.”

3. Why Google’s newest AI team is setting up in Canada (Recode)

Canada, as you may or may not know, is pushing to be the next big powerhouse for AI research, with a well-established AI research community already firmly in place. And Google adding a DeepMind research branch out of the University of Alberta is the latest big move in AI news in Canada.

4. Ray Kurzweil: There’s a Blueprint for the Master Algorithm in Our Brains (Futurism)

*Swoon*! It’s my favourite transhumanist geek crush, Ray Kurzweil, and he’s back with his latest mad science theories this week… yay! His latest revelation is that the key to advancing AI to its endpoint by uncovering the Master Algorithm is locked away in the fragile human brain. Cool.

5. How AI detectives are cracking open the black box of deep learning (ScienceMag)

Uber research scientist, Jason Yosinski, is doing some deep brain surgery on the AI inside his laptop. He’s delving deep into its image recognition software and facial recognition ability to understand how it actually learned to recognise people’s faces. Of course, there’s this issue that we don’t really understand how our AI algorithms are learning what they’re learning and we really need to. So Yosinski’s work is really quite important. He’s just one of many researchers trying to crack the black box so we don’t end up with that uncontrollable AI we fear so much.

Finally, as a bit of a diversion from AI, I thought I’d let you know about the big list I’ve started, of the best virtual reality books for VR enthusiasts. There’s some good stuff in there if you’re interested, so check it out here.

I’m actually going to leave it here this week and get out in the sun. Sorry to sell you short. Tell you what, I’ll do a bumper AI news review next week for you to make up for it. But in the meantime, take yourself out into the sunshine and dance in the summer breeze.

May the force be with you…


The Sunday AI News Review: 9th July 2017

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