I Spy With My Little Eye… The Sunday AI Review

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4th March 2018
Sunday AI and ML Review | Michele Baker for TDMB Tech

Good morning and welcome to the Sunday AI Review!

The big news this week has been, of course, snow. Snow everywhere! Luckily, it’s on its way out now and the temperature has suddenly soared. It’s just wet again now… back to normal once more. Sigh.

While nature’s been doing its worst, the world of AI has continued its march, with tonnes of news coming through this week. It’s taken me longer than usual to sift through and find the best to share, but by golly, I think I’ve done it.

So here you go… here’s your weekly dose of the top news on artificial intelligence from the last seven days!

Most Socially-Shared AI Articles This Week

1. How Do You Plan To Raise Your Super-Intelligent Child? (Washington Post)


We often talk as though AI and humanity are two separate species – like Sapiens versus Neanderthals, for example (guess which is which in this analogy). The truth, however, is that it’s less likely to be us against the machines, rather us merging with machines. A weird concept? Not really. After all, our personal technologies are already a kind of extension of us; our smartphone clasped in our hand, inexorably bound in work and leisure to the keyboard and tracking pad of our laptops, dragging our soft fingertips across the touchscreen of our tablet. AI, this article argues, is our child. So how should we raise it?

2. Google Wants To Teach More People AI And Machine Learning With A Free Online Course (The Verge)


Educating more people on AI is arguably one of the most important things to be focusing on as a society. After all, there’s scarily scant talent around to fuel the growth of this world-changing development. Whilst it’s up to higher education institutions, it’s also up to the big tech corporations like Google to push the envelope. This news that Google has launched its ‘Learn With Google AI’ site is a great example of a tech giant stepping up to the mark, with educational courses for everyone from existing deep learning experts to the curious layperson.

3. Scientists Have Documented A ‘Secret’ Supercolony of 1.5 Million Penguins With The Help Of NASA Images, Drones And Artificial Intelligence (Quartz)


What does a penguin have to do to get a little privacy?

Scientists had no idea until recently that a whopping 1.5m Adélie penguins were living off the grid in the Danger Islands (off the north coast of Antarctica). NASA satellites alerted ecologists to their location, then the team swooped in with drones taking one photo per second. The images collected by the drones were then analysed with AI software to do a proper headcount.

4. The Verdict Is In: AI Outperforms Human Lawyers in Reviewing Legal Documents (Futurism)


In a study by Lawgeex (a leading AI contract review platform), 20 attorneys were pitted against Lawgeex’s AI to go over 4 NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). The AI beat the attorneys at 94% over 85%. The best performing AI was 100% accurate, whilst the best attorney only managed 97% accuracy. Bear in mind that this is in a controlled environment, without any outside tasks or interruptions to potentially affect attorney concentration (and thus accuracy).  

5. The Sublime and Scary Future of Cameras With A.I. Brains (New York Times)


I got really excited when Google Clips came out late last year. I’m still excited about it, even in the face of all the inevitable murmurings about whether the device was a tool Google would be using to spy on people. This article made me even more excited about Google Clips, whilst also discussing how AI is changing photography, with an honourable mention for smart home surveillance system, Lighthouse.


Pick of the Week

Elon Musk responds to Harvard professor Steven Pinker’s comments on A.I.: ‘Humanity is in deep trouble’ (CNBC)

Terah Lyons: Is She A Superhero For Artificial Intelligence? (Oxy)

IBM and MIT Bet That Materials and Quantum Advances Will Supercharge AI (MIT)

How AI-Driven Insurance Could Reduce Gun Violence (Wired)

Removing Fear of Robots: An Analysis of Professor Steven Pinker’s Views on AI Hysteria (Becoming Human)

Hacking the Brain With Adversarial Images (IEEE Spectrum)

GDPR & AI: Privacy By Design In Artificial Intelligence (Silo.AI)

Artificial Intelligence Directed a Music Video and the Results Will Melt Your Eyes (Sploid)

The GANfather: The man who’s given machines the gift of imagination (MIT)

Inside The Alexa Prize (Wired)

Researching patient deterioration with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (Google Deepmind Blog)

Should the government regulate artificial intelligence? It already is (The Hill)

Steve Wozniak explains why he used to agree with Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking on A.I. — but now he doesn’t (CNBC)

New algorithm can create movies from just a few snippets of text (Science Mag)



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I Spy With My Little Eye… The Sunday AI Review

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