Our Pick Of The Best Artificial Intelligence YouTube Videos

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9th April 2018
Our Pick Of The Best Artificial Intelligence YouTube Videos | TDMB Tech

Artificial intelligence is an enormous area, comprised of seemingly endless and complex scientific and ethical problems. The internet is, therefore, unsurprisingly awash with countless articles on AI, a canon of content documenting the constantly evolving technology is growing on a daily basis. YouTube is just one of many of the key places to absorb such content, and video is sometimes much easier to process than the streams of writing on offer both on- and offline.

We’ve put together this post with some of what we consider to be the best videos on artificial intelligence that you should check out.

If you have any more which you would like to see added, drop Michele an email: michele@thedigitalmarketingbureau.com. Along with providing a great resource for other readers, we’d also enjoy seeing your recommendations ourselves!

So here are our favourite artificial intelligence YouTube videos to check out – all conveniently compiled here in one place, so you can sit back and enjoy an evening of AI without all the clicking!

IBM Watson: How It Works

Watson is one of the most sophisticated and well-known artificial intelligence systems currently in operation. But how IBM Watson works is something that’s not understood by many. This video gives a handy explanation, straight from the horse’s mouth via the IBM Watson YouTube channel. Though the video was uploaded in 2014, most of the content is still relevant now.


Elon Musk Warnings About AI (Compilation)

Elon Musk is one of the most outspoken voices on the subject of artificial intelligence, regularly making extremely public statements about the risks of developing AI without proper regulation and forethought. This video from Info Hub is a good compilation of some of Musk’s most salient points from various news sources over the last couple of years.


Can We Build AI Without Losing Control Over It?

Eminent neuroscientist and philosopher, Sam Harris, offers a TED talk that explains the sort of fears Elon Musk has been putting across in a more in-depth way. He explores the ways in which an ‘intelligence explosion’ will harm – perhaps even destroy – humanity, and emphasises the likelihood of this occurring. If you are of the mindset that these fears about AI are just science fiction gone wild, then perhaps Harris’s sobering talk is what you need to change your perspective.


What Happens When Our Computers Get Smarter Than We Are?

Another TED talk on a similar topic to Sam Harris’s TED talk above. This time, we hear from celebrated academic, Nick Bostrom (father of the simulation hypothesis, which inspired movies such as The Matrix). Bostrom approaches the topic from a different angle, making this video a worthy supplement to Harris’s, certainly worth watching one after the other.


7 Days Of Artificial Intelligence

7 Days Of Artificial Intelligence is a short film by Pierre Roquet about the artificial intelligence explosion, once again. It opens with the poignant quote: “Googlism: There is more evidence for the existence of Google than any other God worshipped today. Google is omniscient, Google is omnipresent, Google answers all our prayers”. If God supposedly made the universe in seven days, what could AI do? A written supplement to the film can be read here.


IBM Watson Beats Champions At Jeopardy

One of the most well-known events in artificial intelligence history was the moment that IBM Watson conquered human champions of the famous US game show, Jeopardy. Copyright laws prevent the sharing of the original episode, but this video picks the best bits from the historic event. Something anyone with an interest in AI should watch.


How To Give Your Smart Mirror Artificial Intelligence

Not many of us have a smart mirror yet, but what if you were able to build one yourself, using just Raspberry Pi? A great tutorial video from Hacker House on turning a basic smart mirror into one with facial and speech recognition, along with a range of Alexa-ish commands, simple enough for those with even the most rudimentary understanding of programming.


How Smart Is Today’s Artificial Intelligence?

Contrary to the arguments we’ve seen in the videos above, this vid from Vox argues that the AI we have right now is really not all that intelligent. Which perspective do you agree with? Let us know in the comments below.


Prof. Brian Cox: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Professor Brian Cox is Professor of Particle Physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester, and is well known to the general public for all the TV programmes he hosts exploring different areas of science for a mainstream audience. This video is a panel discussion hosted by Cox, featuring several eminent minds on the topic of AI and machine learning, and one that is beautifully accessible.


Andrew Ng: Artificial Intelligence Is The New Electricity

Former Baidu chief scientist, Coursera co-founder, and Stanford adjunct professor Andrew Ng gives a fascinating talk to students at the University of Stanford’s MSx Future Forum. This is a great one to watch as it approaches the AI discussion from the angle of the technology’s impact on various industries.


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Our Pick Of The Best Artificial Intelligence YouTube Videos

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