Discover The Best Artificial Intelligence Articles of 2018

POSTED BY   Michele Baker
29th June 2018

It may be hard to believe, but it’s true: we’re already halfway through 2018. In the last six months, we have continued to see rapid new developments in tech across the board, and nowhere more so than in the field of artificial intelligence. This is hardly surprising, given how much work is going on in AI right now. We’re only on the cusp of what’s to come, meaning that – at the very least – it is an historic time to be alive, witnessing a whole new era opening up before us. But enough of my evangelism.

Considering the wealth of news coming through from the world of AI, I thought it was a great time to put together this extensive guide to the best articles of the year so far, just as I did last year. So get comfy, this should keep you busy for a while…


Google just gave a stunning demo of Assistant making an actual phone call

(The Verge)

25 Funny Tweets About Amazon Alexa That Prove There’s Nothing Artificial About Her Intelligence

(Bored Panda)

Tech companies should stop pretending AI won’t destroy jobs


Why thousands of AI researchers are boycotting the new Nature journal

(The Guardian)

How do you plan to raise your super-intelligent child?

(Washington Post)

Artificial Intelligence: How We Help Machines Learn  

(New York Times)

How the Enlightenment Ends

(The Atlantic)

Mark Cuban: Philosophy degree will be worth more than computer science


Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, on Model 3 production; says social media, AI should be regulated

(CBS News)

Artificial Intelligence Recreates Images From Inside The Human Brain

(IFL Science)

Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

(University of Sheffield)

Artificial intelligence could be our saviour, according to the CEO of Google


Google Employees Resign in Protest Against Pentagon Contract


Stanford, USC, Duke study shows AI reads contracts better than lawyers


Bill Gates thinks AI taking everyone’s jobs could be a good thing

(Business Insider)

Artificial Intelligence May Have Cracked Freaky 600-Year-Old Manuscript


Elon Musk at SXSW: A.I. is more dangerous than nuclear weapons


Finnish university’s online AI course is open to everyone


10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018


Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy talk about the future of AI at E3

(The Verge)

AI will spell the end of capitalism

(Washington Post)

Skin Cancer Detection Using Artificial Intelligence


Chinese Police Add Facial-Recognition Glasses to Surveillance Arsenal

(Wall Street Journal)

Emmanuel Macron Q&A: France’s President Discusses Artificial Intelligence Strategy


Google’s new AI algorithm predicts heart disease by looking at your eyes

(The Verge)

Artificial intelligence will wipe out half the banking jobs in a decade, experts say

(Mercury News)

Artificial intelligence has replaced aliens as our greatest fear of what will kill us all


How babies learn – and why robots can’t compete

(The Guardian)

AI researchers allege that machine learning is alchemy

(Science Mag)

Google’s New AI Head Is So Smart He Doesn’t Need AI


SkyKnit: How an AI Took Over an Adult Knitting Community

(The Atlantic)

Nobel laureate warns of mass unemployment, dangers of artificial intelligence


The 6 Payment Megatrends – #2: Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning


Artificial Intelligence Opens the Vatican Secret Archives

(The Atlantic)

Artificial Intelligence And Blockchain: 3 Major Benefits Of Combining These Two Mega-Trends


MIT fed an AI data from Reddit, and now it only thinks about murder

(The Verge)

The “father of artificial intelligence” says singularity is 30 years away


The military just created an AI that learned how to program software


Beyoncé Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Help You Eat Vegan


The case for an artificially intelligent POTUS

(The Next Web)

Google Is Helping the Pentagon Build AI for Drones


Information Warfare: The Meme is the Embryo of the Narrative Illusion

(ICI Tech)

FDA approves AI-powered diagnostic that doesn’t need a doctor’s help


Japanese scientists use artificial intelligence to decode thoughts


Dogs can’t speak human. Here’s the tech that could change that.


China Now Has the Most Valuable AI Startup in the World


Noam Chomsky, Elon Musk and Ayn Rand Walk Into a Puppet Show

(New York Times)

Machine learning spots treasure trove of elusive viruses


Amazon’s cashier-less Seattle grocery store is opening to the public


‘Forget the Facebook leak’: China is mining data directly from workers’ brains on an industrial scale



Right, well there’s fifty to be getting on with. Stay tuned for the full year’s round-up in December (just another six months away…!) And if you want to receive more regular updates on the best AI news, don’t forget to sign up to the Sunday AI Review and get the news of the week in your inbox every Sunday…

Don’t worry, we’ll never share details with anyone.

Don’t worry, we’ll never share details with anyone.

Discover The Best Artificial Intelligence Articles of 2018

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