How To Find The Best Websites For AI News

POSTED BY   Michele Baker
18th April 2018
Our Pick Of The Best AI News Websites

Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing areas in the transformation of our world. As time goes on, artificially intelligent systems in an array of shapes and sizes are creeping into our everyday lives. From the basic virtual assistant in your home (such as Amazon’s Echo or Google Home) to the algorithms driving what you see on your Facebook news feed, our personal lives are often far more integrated than AI than we might imagine.

At work, we are seeing a slew of AI systems streamlining mundane tasks and processes and freeing up human workers to concentrate on more complex aspects of their job. Our healthcare systems, banks, our utilities companies, mortgage and insurance brokers, advertising firms, stock markets, and even the Recruitment industry are all seeing great gains from the implementation of AI and machine learning systems. Our education system, too, is set to undergo transformation at the hands of the technology.

AI is, therefore, something we should all care about. It will impact us all. If you are reading this, you’re probably already aware of this, and are looking for ways to find out more and stay on top of the latest news in AI. Am I right?

Well then, with no further ado, may I present to you some of what we at TDMB consider to be the very best resources online for keeping up with AI news and developments.

AI News Websites


Wired is probably the most well-known and established sources of technology news in general. Along with its long-standing magazine, keeping a regular eye on the articles published on the Wired and WiredUK websites is absolutely your first port-of-call.

Wired has recently initiated a paywall, allowing non-members to access just three free articles a month before being asked to subscribe. Whilst this is, undoubtedly, a nuisance, it is a necessary evil. It costs about £15 a year to subscribe to the online version of the magazine, and just a little more to also subscribe to the print version (which is a nice treat through your letterbox every month). If you’re wondering whether it’s worth forking out for, let me tell you – it absolutely is.

MIT Technology Review

Another absolute favourite is the MIT Technology Review, whose articles rival those of Wired for delivering the best AI news, as well as across technology at large. Unlike Wired, however, there is currently no paywall or limitations on the amount of free articles you can access. Of course, the Review covers a lot of the goings on at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which are fascinating in themselves. But its reach goes much further than its own campuses, exploring developments across the world including a large amount of artificial intelligence news.

A Few More…

Though less illustrious than the two publications above, these additional sites are renowned for covering some great AI news from across the globe:




You may prefer the more personal approach to artificial intelligence news. The blogs we have chosen offer a great way to read about AI from an expert perspective, though we would love to hear from you if you run or know of a good AI blog written by an interested individual. We recommend checking out these ones below.

Do let us know if you’ve any more you think we should add to this list. There are plenty out there, and there’s a chance we may have missed a corker!

Content Curation Platforms

Both Medium and Flipboard are the perfect sites for subscribing to news specific to the areas you’re most interested in. A bit like Twitter in a way, you subscribe to publications that post on the platform, whose most recent articles are then siphoned into your news feed.

Flipboard curates content from many different sources across the web, which is great in helping you identify other platforms you like which may not have been mentioned here. The accompanying newsletter which comes through daily is an incredibly useful way of accessing the content curated for you without having to click on to the site itself.

Medium is another kettle of fish, and I absolutely love it. If you are a writer yourself, you can set up your own page to (effectively) blog from. However, it is not a blogging platform, but a place to publish good, in-depth articles.

Top journalists and content creators (like this one!) use it to showcase their work. It is also very beneficial as a showcasing platform if your content is spread across different sites online, as you can just feed Medium the link and it will recreate it on your own page without any of those pesky duplicate content issues you would get elsewhere.

In terms of finding good stuff to read on Medium, as it’s a home to some really excellent writers, when it comes to AI news resources, you’re spoiled for choice. Just type in your search term and select ‘Publications’ or ‘People’ and Medium will generate a bunch of those you should follow. As you continue to explore the site, you will find more and more interesting publications and writers to follow, making it a great way to pick up high quality opinion pieces that aren’t mediated through a specific publications ‘house style’ editing process.

In the next post, we cover the best email newsletters for you to subscribe to for AI news, which is an absolutely brilliant way to get good news right to your inbox. Check it out here.

And speaking of email newsletters, here’s a good one for you… #shamelessplug

Don’t worry, we’ll never share details with anyone.

How To Find The Best Websites For AI News

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