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8th April 2018
Michele Sunday AI News Review

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The news that got spread across social media this week comes from technophile favourite, Wired, with an exclusive interview with French President Emmanuel Macron discussing France’s AI Strategy. In a speech last week, Macron announced that the French government will spend €1.5 billion ($1.85 billion) over five years to support research in the field, encourage startups, and collect data that can be used, and shared, by engineers. In this fascinating Q&A, he outlines what these plans will look like.

Next up, The Guardian got good traction this week for Alex Beard’s article on Deb Roy and Rupal Patel of MIT’s quest to understand how babies learn and how this can be applied to the development of artificial intelligence. The notion itself, as you might imagine, is fraught with complications. AI may be complicated, but children are (unsurprisingly) even more so.

There’s been a lot of dissent in the AI community this week over the use of artificial intelligence in Defence. The concerns have been bubbling for a good while now, but as both Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Google make tentative moves into the weapons industry, Korean researchers and Google employees have raised their voices.

There were two pieces of big news this week about Google ‘alumni’. Kai-Fu Li, ex-Head of Operations for Google in China, has announced a new project with support from the Chinese government to close the AI talent gap in the country. As Wired states, ‘The project is an example of how US and Chinese efforts to progress in AI are entangled, despite recent rhetoric about superpower technology rivalry.’

The second Googler to hit the news is SVP of Engineering in charge of search and artificial intelligence John Giannandrea, who has announced he is now working for Apple, reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook.

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The Sunday AI Review

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