A Slightly Belated Sunday AI Review

POSTED BY   Michele Baker
4th September 2017
Michele Sunday AI News Review

Good morning, my little cyborgs!

My apologies for this reaching you a day late. My excuse is that I have had a gruelling weekend involving garage clearing, long car journeys, and a flatpack furniture fiasco. If that sounds fairly minor, then let me tell you – it has been exhausting. On the plus side, I have some space in my garage and my living room no longer looks like student digs. Plus, following an INSET day today, Indie is back at school tomorrow after the summer hols. So there’s also all that to get ready for. I’ve got a bunch of articles to get written before I can get on with sewing in name labels and polishing school shoes… so let’s get cracking.


Michele Sunday AI and ML review


In the top news this week, we’ve got an AI trying to write the next Game of Thrones book, who Putin thinks will rule the world (spoiler: it’s not Daenerys), an opinion piece on how we should regulate AI beyond Asimov’s Laws, survey results about AI in business, and a computer that can smell. Get comfy… it’s time for the biggest news from the world of AI this week!


top socially shared artificial intelligence and machine learning articles of the week


1. Artificial Intelligence Is Attempting To Write The Next Game Of Thrones Book (IFL Science)




As season 7 draws to a close (how about that final scene, guys? Flipping hell!), we’re all desperate to get our fill of the next installment from everyone’s favourite tits and dragons epic. But with a 2-year wait to endure, some have taken matters into their own hands, like Zack Thoutt, a software engineer who’s developed an AI to write the next book before George R R Martin. Damn, that’s one guy with his priorities in order. You can read the first 5 chapters here. But be warned, it doesn’t make much sense.


2. Who Vladimir Putin thinks will rule the world (CNN)

Guess what? Putin has guessed which country’s gonna win the real life Game of Thrones. The one with the dragons best AI. “Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world,” Vlad told Russia’s students in a national ‘open lesson’ from Yaroslavl last week.


3. How to Regulate Artificial Intelligence (New York Times Opinion)

Asimov’s three laws of robotics are all very well, but Oren Etzioni has some other ideas we should add to the table if we want to properly regulate artificial intelligence. I have to say, they’re pretty good.


4. A Survey of 3,000 Executives Reveals How Businesses Succeed with AI (Harvard Business Review)

A study by McKinsey Global Institute surveyed over 3,000 executives and 160 case studies across 14 sectors and 10 countries, as well as through a separate digital research program, to identify 10 key insights CEOs need to know in order to make their AI quest a success.


5. TEDGlobal: The computer that can smell explosives (BBC)

– My AI’s got no nose

– How does it smell?

– Pretty well, actually.


Best Articles on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


1. When artificial intelligence meets human stupidity (World Economic Forum)

The singularity + Ray Kurzweil = more cool stuff about the end of the human race.


2. Man With Machine: Harnessing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence (Security Intelligence)

Cognitive Systems and IBM Watson, The Need for AI in Cybersecurity, and Learning the Language of Security.


3. Inside the AI healthcare revolution: meeting the robots that can detect Alzheimer’s and depression (The Telegraph)

MedTech is awesome. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.


4. Artificial Intelligence Can Secretly Be Trained To Behave ‘Maliciously’ And Cause Accidents (The Independent)

A new form of cyber attack could be on the cards, and it comes as little surprise really.


5. The age of AI surveillance is here (Quartz)

Can you say ‘police state’? Time to dig out the tinfoil hat.

Also this week, check out these top reads from TDMB:


That’s all for this week. Have a superb Monday and enjoy the sigh of relief as you pack those sprogs off to school for another term. 

Hasta la vista, baby!



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A Slightly Belated Sunday AI Review

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