Combining 3D Printing and Augmented Reality

POSTED BY   James Dearsley
7th October 2013

Part of the business of The Digital Marketing Bureau is to inform and educate marketeers on the world of emerging technology. Augmented Reality with 3D PrintingMore specifically, James Dearsley, our Founder, consults with creative design companies on how to use this technology in the property world. As such we thought we would post this article, and another will follow next week with a more comprehensive example, of combining 3D Printing and Augmented Reality.

The property world is getting very excited about the use of 3D printing through all aspects of the design, build and sales and marketing processes of a developments life span. Here however, we will show you a recent example of using 3D Printing and Augmented Reality together in a project for the Thames Tideway.

See some photos and descriptions below:

The Thames Tideway was developed by one of the firms that James, our Founder, does some consultancy work for (helping creative companies understand how to develop applications for the Real Estate world – in this case Inition based in Shoreditch). Trying to explain the multi-million tunnel scheme was always going to be difficult given its vast application. Therefore they made it a fun and interactive model for people to play with and understand.

3D Printing is a lot faster than traditional model making and hence designs can be printed and discussed by design teams, planning teams or management to ensure that everyone is happy. Alterations can be made and developments can be discussed in the design such that serious amendments can still be discussed well and in good time with a tactile theory rather than one just viewed through a computer screen.

When you then link 3D printing with Augmented Reality it really adds a new dimension entirely. When you start adding hidden layers – showing pipework or cabling in the design stages through to rooms available or interior design aspects in the sales cycle (amongst many other applications which can be discussed) – augmented reality helps out even more.

All in all this is just one demonstration (keep a look out for an even more impressive example next week) but I am sure you can see why 3D Printing and Augmented Reality are getting a lot of press at the moment.

Combining 3D Printing and Augmented Reality

James Dearsley

James Dearsley is the Founder and MD of TDMB. In addition to his work with us, he is also a renowned expert in PropTech, and was recently voted the most influential person in PropTech. An impassioned speaker and advocate of technology, particularly in the Property industry, his other interests include beekeeping, real ale, green trousers, and (currently) growing a beard. You can contact James directly via Twitter or LinkedIn, or tweet the TDMB team directly.

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