5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 27th August 2015

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27th August 2015
Digital Marketing News

Digital Marketing News

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Fed Up of Talking to Siri?

Facebook has unveiled it’s own Messenger –based personal assistant, with one major advantage over its rivals, it actually enables you to  interact with humans! They have named the messenger based personal assistant M!
Both Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana only use artificial intelligence software to respond to queries. With Facebook’s personal assistant it uses artificial intelligence but for more complicated queries Facebook has hired a workforce of M trainers,  who are customer services representatives,  there to respond to questions and requests that are more complicated than simple equations such as 100×10.
With the three tech giants, Apple, Google and Microsoft all developing their personal assistants, the future advocates the use of digital assistants to help consumers look up information rather than typing it.
David Marcus, Facebook messaging head, announced M on his Facebook page.
“It’s powered on Facebook’s artificial intelligent that’s trained and supervised by people” Marcus said. “Unlike other AL based services in the market, M can actually complete tasks on your behalf. It can purchase items, get gifts delivered to your loved ones, book restaurants, travel arrangements, appointments and way more”. M is located on Facebook messenger app rather than on its main website.
M is currently being tested in San Francisco but will slowly be rolled out to more users. Facebook will have to hire thousands of M trainers to keep up with demand. By doing so the company hopes that the software will be able to learn the patterns of human systems. Watch this space!

3-D printed fish ? A Medical Breakthrough Waiting to Happen.18nyapext5pmkjpg

Yes you’re right! A team of researchers at the University of California San Diego have developed 3-D printed robots in the shape of small fish. They hope one day to be able to swim through bloodstreams, delivering drugs to the human body and removing toxins.
Each fish is smaller than the width of human hair. They measure just 120 microns long, by 30 microns thick. The microfiche are made with platinum nano particles in their tails which, when they come into contact with hydrogen peroxide, causes their tails to move. Tiny iron oxide particles in their heads also allows a robot shoal to magnetically stay themselves. The main breakthrough from research showed that microfiche could both sense toxins and work as detoxifying robots. Their bodies glowed a fluorescent red colour when placed in contaminated liquid as a result of toxic neutralising particles reacting to the poison.
Creators W. Zhu and J.Li, UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering are going to take the research further by printing 3-D sharks, and hope to experiment with bird shape bots in the future.

1Four ways to use Periscope for your business!

Periscope is becoming a very popular and powerful social tool. Here are four quick tips:

1. Demos

Show and tell demonstrations – live at trade fairs. This will give potential customers the opportunity to ask questions live , as you demonstrate, to show off the cool features of your product.

2. Broadcasts & Influencers

Take time to connect with your influences in your industry. Why not take time to show up to their live broadcasts,interact with them,  ask great questions and finally show their broadcasts on your social media channels.  Make sure you don’t miss forecasts that are important to you, turn on notifications for the people of the brands you want to tune into regularly on Periscope.

3. Behind the Scenes

Why not take your viewers on the live tour from scenes behind your business or into part of your working day. You can answer questions live during your broadcast.

4.  Build a Contact list

As you are using periscope live, you can ask your viewers to leave their email addresses. Once the broadcast has finished,  you can update this on your CRM or excel spreadsheet!

1facebook_video_demo_3x2Autoplay to be reviewed by Facebook and Twitter.

Following the shocking murders in America  of a TV reporter and a cameraman live on television. Users of both social networks were forced unwillingly ton witness the murders through videos uploaded by the killer Vester Flanigan. This was because of the autoplay function both social platforms employ.

Both Facebook and Twitter removed Flanigans account within eight minutes, but the post went viral because users and news organisations were reposting it.  This outraged users. The purpose of autoplay on social media platforms,  is to make inoffensive content more engaging hence autoplay. For an advert,  that is it’s primary purpose – to attract the users attention to whatever it is trying to sell.  Most social media platforms rely on adverts to fund their free services. The better the advert views, the more advertisers will pay – and the more money the social media services make.
Users are now calling for autoplay to be an opt- in feature, not an opt-out feature that forces users to search through setting screens. Users argue that the downside of having autoplay activated by default, is that they do not have the choice of watching the advert or not. A story that will continue to run no doubt.

Instagram is changing the way we look at photos.Instagram logo

Brands and businesses are starting to see the benefit of moving away from over staged and over edited photography in their campaigns. They like the idea of a more organic approach on Instagram itself. Making a photo retro, all over saturated or pushed and electric was done long before computers came along.
The difference now is that analytics allow for real-time analysis  so that we can find out what appeals to viewers. It’s all about capturing the moment, whether it be someone enjoying a drink with friends or at a music concert.
Instagram is certainly speeding up that we push aesthetics  and trying new things.
Have a great weekend.


5:5 : Five Top Digital Marketing News Stories in 5 minutes – 27th August 2015

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