The Reality of Augmented Reality

POSTED BY   Michele Baker
6th November 2013

At present only 60 million people use augmented reality apps and features on a regular basis. However,AR this number is expected to skyrocket to 200 million by 2018 – that’s a massive increase of 333%! It is expected that in less than 5 years time many more of us will be enjoying the benefits of augment reality via smart glasses, tablets and smartphones.

It has been predicted that augmented reality will not only undergo a revolution of its own, but will also revolutionise the way we live in modern society. There is talk of lifestyle aps involving cooking, shopping and fitness that will expand AR out of its gaming world and into the realms of everyday life.

AR may also evolve into social media, this hopes to break down the digital barriers of online AR2discussion and communication and allow users to be presented with life size figures of their colleagues, friends and acquaintances.  Similarly, even visits from an AR doctor could soon be a possibility!

However, developers do have concerns about standardizing these aps to ensure they are universal and work on all devices, in order to prevent crashes and malfunctions.

If these problems can be ironed out it seems that everyone should be able to benefit from AR in the near future, whatever your interests or needs are. This is also a very exciting prospect for large businesses and small firms alike. Don’t quite be on the edge of your seat yet, but 5 years really isn’t that long – AR will soon be integrated into society. Be ready!


Michele Baker

Michele Baker is the Senior Content Strategist at TDMB. She began her journey into tech marketing via a Masters in Creative Writing, evolving from a prize-winning poet and short story writer to a futuristic content guru. Michele now writes endlessly about all aspects of technology, hosts the TDMB Presents… tech podcast, and speaks at numerous tech and marketing events.

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