Property Magazine starts to use Augmented Reality

POSTED BY   James Dearsley
19th June 2013

The London Property Magazine has been using Augmented Reality for a few months now and it looks like they are making a good go of things. imgresThey are mainly using it for video work and have about 4 or 5 pages in the 92 page publication augmented.

You will see in the video below that they are one of the first property magazines who are using this technology which is very credible – I should think the first of many given the number of agents whom I know are interested in the technology – but I also feel they could be doing so much more.


  • They have very clear instructions for the reader to download the app (though quite late on in the edition) and they also clearly state on the page which pages are augmented.
  • The videos are of great quality and really complement the magazine

Suggested Improvements: 

  • The video, though playing in Augmented Reality (i.e. as soon as the device connects with the video rather than needing the user to “play” the video) there is no option to go to full screen – or a button telling the user how to do this.
  • There should be additional buttons with more information like Click Here or Call. These really complement the quality of the video and will really add to the user experience.

All in all, great to see a magazine like this utilising technology to give their readers more information – the more they do it, the better it will be.


James Dearsley

James Dearsley is the Founder and MD of TDMB. In addition to his work with us, he is also a renowned expert in PropTech, and was recently voted the most influential person in PropTech. An impassioned speaker and advocate of technology, particularly in the Property industry, his other interests include beekeeping, real ale, green trousers, and (currently) growing a beard. You can contact James directly via Twitter or LinkedIn, or tweet the TDMB team directly.

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