Midweek Marketing Mix/Google + Spotlight show

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22nd September 2014
Midweek Marketing Mix/Google + Spotlight show

Today’s Midweek Marketing Mix was slightly different, it was a combined show with  Stephan Hovnanian and Ben Fisher from the Google + Business Spotlight show (http://goo.gl/A65gLg) Stephan Hovnanian and Ben Fisher focus on businesses that use Google Plus as part of their marketing strategy and we were very honoured to have on today’s show. In addition, we were also be joined by social media strategist  kara wood who will gave us an insight into the latest social news.Special guest Ryan Hanley talked about his new book Content Warfare (http://goo.gl/T3C8fn) and how he went around getting in published.

As usual, we have timestamped the hangout accordingly so you can skip to the parts that interest you the most.

0:00 James Dearsley  introduces this week’s combined show with G Plus Business Spotlight guys Stephan Hovnanian  Ben Fisher  plus kara wood  and special guest Ryan Hanley 

Section One

2:16 kara wood  talks about social commerce and Twitter

4:07 The concept will compete with the likes of Amazon says kara wood

5:43 Biggest concerns about security, people worried about impulse buying

6:51 Cutting out web traffic with this social commerce concept

8:53 James Dearsley  questions if Twitter are using this as a monetizing opportunity

12:08 kara wood  talks about press releases mentions company that deals with press releases for social and email (in showcase app)

Section Two

14:31 Stephan Hovnanian  talks about his and Ben Fisher  show G Plus Business Spotlight (http://goo.gl/bv4Bbl)

17:00 Ben Fisher  talks about season 4

21:08 Stephan Hovnanian  talks about unique guests they try to target

22:20 James Dearsley  talks about his experiences of targeting guests

25:07 Stephan Hovnanian  explains about the type of person they target for the G Plus Business Spotlight show

26:44 October 8th season 4 starts explains Stephan Hovnanian 

27:19 Dog to be featured on their show (no joke!) Bandit the dog

29:16 All about brand voice and brand building Ben Fisher

Section 3

36:09 James Dearsley  screen-shares Ryan Hanley ‘s Content Warfare book (http://goo.gl/00LLru)

36:48 Ryan Hanley  talks about how he went around getting his book published

40:35 James Dearsley  talks about how he discovered Ryan Hanley ‘s book through kick starter Publishizer (http://goo.gl/4T5bvD)

42:38 Ryan Hanley  talks about his crowdfunding experience

45:04 Ryan Hanley  talks about his book mentions about working for mid-size company and book predominately geared at them, how to build an audience using content and how to extract value

Section 4

49:27 James Dearsley  talks about the Oculus Rift (http://goo.gl/FUhP2I)

51:48 James Dearsley  explains about how brands such as Thomas Cook and Center Parcs are utilizing Oculus Rift

53:40 Facebook changing its model with purchase of Oculus Rift explains James Dearsley 

54:24 Game world is changing with the use of Oculus/changing the way of marketing, according to James Dearsley

55:17 James Dearsley  talks about Augmented and Virtual Reality

55:44 We are living in exciting and scary times in marketing, states James Dearsley 



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