LinkedIn Groups: How to be a good member

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18th November 2013

Recently we discussed general tips for using LinkedIn effectively, in order to maximise all its tools to Groups 2 your advantage. We will now turn to talk about using groups on LinkedIn and the right way to go about utilising your membership of these groups.

Joining groups and actively participating in them is one of the best ways to generate business, build connections, talk to like-minded people and get advice from experts on LinkedIn. They provide an area for discussion with members of the market you are targeting and allow you to demonstrate your expertise and offer your own views on certain topics in your field of interest.

Below are some guidelines on how to effectively and correctly share content and add discussions on LinkedIn groups. These all aim to boost your reputation and open up opportunities.

Commenting and Sharing

It is important to be visible and show yourself to the group. There’s no point in being a member if Groupsyou’re just going to sit in the side-lines. Membership is about involvement and participation: ‘the more you put in, the more you get out!’

Try to comment on a couple of posts a week, either offering personal insights or direct conversation and debate with other members. Engage in the group content that has been posted by others, or start and share your own discussion point or ideas.

Share popular posts and increase visibility for yourself and others. This way you will be likely to gain new connections and add valuable people to your contacts.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to do this, we don’t all know everything and asking questions shows interest and Questionsintrigue and a desire to learn more. Posting popular questions will increase engagement potential.

You can either ask for help or for advice and recommendations and people love to reply and get involved so you will be sure to get a response. Often by doing this you will end up with a new connection too. It’s a win win situation really.

Posting Your Own Content

You must exercise caution when doing this, as you can run the risk of over doing it and people will just view your content as useless and annoying. Remember: groups are primarily forums and are for exchanging and discussing ideas about relevant topics.

Having said this, posting your own content can work in your favour, as long as you ensure it’s interesting and relevant to your group. Do not post advertising content or sales pitches, as they won’t get you anywhere. Aim to post something that will help others or answer a common query (this may require some prior scanning and research in the group). Your content is more likely to be read and shared if it contains images and videos.

On a final note, keep up to date and in the loop with discussions that are going on in your favourite groups. Visit them a few times a week to avoid disappearing into the background and missing out.



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