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Social Media Monitoring

Irrespective of its size, your business’s reputation matters – and being aware of/able to comment on blogs, amazon reviews, tweets and Facebook comments is vital.

If (and when) you have the correct social media monitoring strategy in place, you will know:

  • how many people are talking online about you
  • who is saying what
  • how influential are they
  • the breakdown of sentiment:
    positive, negative or neutral
  • which sites are commenting about your brand
  • if the comments are local, national, international.

So – assuming you agree you need it, do you
want/have time to do it yourself? And if so, of the
plethora of online & social media monitoring
software (whose services vary almost as much as
the prices), which is the right one for you…?

We offer the following options
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find out more):

  1. you handle it with our help
  2. we handle most of it
  3. we handle everything

our first-level option:

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