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instagram for business

Launched in October 2010, Instagram is a free
photo-sharing platform and social network.

It enjoyed stellar growth, and in 2012 it hit the
headlines for all the right reasons, being sold to
Facebook for a phenomenal $1 billion.  There
were only 13 employees at the time…makes you
wonder if it really is an unlucky number!

The following facts illustrate why Instagram
ought to be considered as part of your digital
marketing strategy:

  • there were 15 million users at the start of 2012,
    rising only 9 months later to over 100 million
  • over 58 photographs and 1 user are being
    added every second of every day
  • 54% of the World’s top brands are now using
    the site.

With Pinterest becoming the fastest growing
website in internet history, there needs to be an
ever more visual element to Marketing strategies
and sites like Instagram need to be understood.
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We offer Instagram training as
part of a consultancy session
with other visual forms of
marketing including Pinterest
and Augmented Reality.
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