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Bio: Amy Bennie is the Social Media Manager at TDMB. With her background in journalism and new media technologies, she loves anything social media and has a passion for keeping up to date with the goings-on in the tech industry and current affairs around the world. She loves yoga, living by the beach and admits to being a crazy cat lady (3 and counting).

Posts by Amy Bennie:

Cybersecurity – Your Technology Is Listening

Posted on: 23 Jan 2018

Christmas 2017 saw the rise of smart home devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. These handy assistants have

Machine Learning In Retail – A Help Not A Hindrance? 

Posted on: 17 Jan 2018

Machine learning is often seen as the enemy of the working man, here not only to do our jobs but

A Year In Robotics

Posted on: 09 Jan 2018

‘For the first nine months of 2017, North America saw 27,294 orders of robots valued at approximately $1.473 billion, by

Embracing The Fun Side Of Transhumanism

Posted on: 12 Dec 2017

Most examples of transhumanism are to do with the advancement of the human species that could lead to infinite possibilities

How Big Data is Tackling The Ethics Of Medical Research

Posted on: 11 Dec 2017

There are so many ways that technology is helping to advance the medical industry. Big Data is the latest technology

Brain-Machine Interfaces And The Power Of The Mind

Posted on: 19 Nov 2017

Transhumanism is usually associated with augmenting our human bodies to become more like robots, whether it be through wearable technology,

Vegan Virtual Reality May Make You Think Twice About Eating Meat

Posted on: 13 Nov 2017

The trend of veganism has taken the food and health industry by storm, with studies showing that the plant-based lifestyle

How IoT Wearables Are Showing Us The Real Secret Life of Pets

Posted on: 24 Oct 2017

If you have ever watched the film The Secret Life of Pets, it is always an intriguing thought to know

Immerse Yourself In A New Language… With Virtual Reality

Posted on: 31 Aug 2017

It used to be the case that learning a new language meant sitting in a classroom, with a stuffy teacher

Augmented Reality in Medicine

Posted on: 22 Aug 2017

When it comes to augmented reality, although I can admit to being sucked into the Pokemon Go craze when it