Build a House…From Your Printer

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18th May 2017

A 3D printer has been created at the University of Southern California that has the ability to build a house in 24 hours. This amazing new piece of technology creates building designs using set computer patterns and by use of an3D algorithm to produce the form of a room or building and detailed textures and surfaces.

This machine, known as the Contour Crafting System, is a revolution and claims to build a house for far less than using conventional methods. This could enable many people in the future to get onto the property ladder much quicker. The CC system also boasts the ability to easily repair buildings damaged by natural disasters.

This machine is still undergoing many tests but has already designed and printed the world’s first 3D3D room. The room took several months to create and was printed in large chunks in a step-by-step fashion. It’s a decorative masterpiece resembling something of a temple. Its incredible how precise and detailed this machine can be, as the room has millions of textures and detail, similar to something from the Baroque period.

The 3D printing device has a concrete nozzle to lay foundations and uses sand and bonding materials to build the walls. The process of building uses carving techniques previously used by artisans. Humans are only needed to lay the machine onto tracks in order for it to work and also to do fiddly jobs such as hanging doors and fitting windows. In fact, the invention of 3D printers unsurprisingly promises to open up more jobs in the future.

Could this mean that building a house could become a pain free and simple process? Houses could be built within days like an ‘Ikea style’ step by step assembly project. It’s still early days but the prospect of 3D printing is launching itself into the property market and who knows where else it might go in the future.



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