Virtual Reality Infographic UK Map

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7th October 2016
Virtual Reality Infographic UK Map

The number of UK Virtual Reality companies emerging within the UK is growing at an unprecedented rate. Exciting times and I’m very much looking forward to watching the space unfold. We wanted to map out the size of the sector, whilst highlighting the key players within the space and put them all in one place and allow you to then use the resulting virtual reality infographic on your own site and share across all social media channels.

At the end of the infographic you will find an embed code should you want to use it on your own site but equally, and perhaps more importantly, we recognise that this is an evolving sector. We are keen to hear from you if your company isn’t in the infographic or perhaps needs to be moved around a little. Please get in touch below and we will get it all sorted:

With new VR startup companies rising up through the ranks, such as GameFace Labs who are manufacturing the next generation headset, it’s becoming increasingly hard – even for those of us fully immersed in the VR Sector – to keep tabs on them all. However that will soon change with this new infographic that we have built, a thorough map of all the UK VR companies at work.

I was keen to detail each VR company’s ‘specialist subject’, as you can imagine this was no easy task, and it will be an ongoing project as it obvious to me the sector is about hit a climax as there are so many new and exciting tech emerging. I’m hoping the UK VR space sees the the same transition the US has seen over the last few years.

Virtual Reality Infographic of UK VR Sector


Virtual Reality Infographic

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As it stands at present, the first draft is here and ready in its current incarnation and we thoroughly expect to be updating it regularly as further VR companies make their presence known on the scene.

Please get in touch if you would like us to feature your company, there’s still plenty of space!




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