Why you need a complete Linkedin profile and how you can create it.

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14th January 2013
Why you need a complete Linkedin profile and how you can create it.

It is often unclear how you go about obtaining a complete Linkedin profile but I hope the video below dispels some of the myths. A constant aim of The complete linkedin profileDigital Marketing Bureau is to provide quick and easy tutorials in a video format that we hope helps you out. In this tutorial we will show you exactly how to get a complete Linkedin profile – did you know that you are 40 times more likely to have opportunities presenting themselves through Linkedin with a complete profile than an incomplete profile? *

Having a complete linkedin profile is not difficult but it is just knowing what you need to fill in. The key is recommendations. You need at least three and so get thinking about those people likely to recommend your work – having said that it is always worth remembering that you should Give to Receive.

We hope this video helps you obtain a complete Linkedin profile

If you would like more information about Linkedin, The Digital Marketing Bureau offers consultancy services which could help. For more information please click here. Alternatively just call us directly on 0044 1306 631 117 and we would be happy to help in anyway that we can.


* Source is Profile Completeness, Linkedin Help, http://www.linkedin.com/static?key=pop%2Fpop_more_profile_completeness



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